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  • Poppy Robinson-Plant

How I am planning Christmas as a working mum

As the festive season approaches, I find myself eagerly preparing for my second Christmas as a mum and my first Christmas as a self-employed entrepreneur. The joy and excitement of sharing this magical time of the year with my daughter are truly special. To make this season even more memorable, I've embarked on a journey of planning and preparation, starting early in November. In this blog, I'll share some of the delightful ways I'm getting ready for our family's unique Christmas celebration.

A Special Christmas Eve Tradition

One of our cherished traditions is celebrating Christmas Eve with a special box that contains the heartwarming movie "It's a Wonderful Life," matching Christmas pyjamas for the whole family, and hot chocolate to enjoy by the (Netflix) fire. This tradition sets the perfect mood for our family to come together and create beautiful memories.

Early Planning and Organisation

Starting preparations in November allows me to stay ahead of the holiday chaos. I've conducted a freezer audit to ensure we have enough space for all the delicious holiday meals and treats. To keep myself organised, I've purchased a Christmas planner, which has been a lifesaver in managing our busy schedule and holiday to-do list.

Gift Wrapping

To add a personal touch to our gifts, I use coloured Kraft paper and ribbon. Each gift is personalised with names cut in gold foil using my Cricut Joy. Wrapping as I go ensures that I stay on top of gift-giving without feeling overwhelmed and also prevents prying eyes from spoiling any surprises.

Gifts for Our Little One

This year, as my daughter grows, I've carefully selected gifts that align with her interests and developmental stage. I've chosen play kitchen accessories and a learning tower to encourage creativity and independence. Watching her unwrap these presents will undoubtedly be a highlight of the holiday season.

Traditional Christmas Cake Baking

In keeping with our tradition, we'll be making our Christmas cake on "Stir It Up Sunday," which falls on the 26th of November. The process of mixing the ingredients and making a wish while stirring the cake is a cherished part of our holiday tradition.

Decorating Our New Home

This year, we'll be decorating our new home for Christmas on the 1st of December. I've also added a new tree ornament to our collection, a tradition I started to commemorate significant moments in our lives. Previous ornaments include ones from our engagement, wedding, and our daughter's first Christmas. Each one holds special memories, and I look forward to adding a new one this year to mark our move into our new house.

An Organised Calendar

With my new role as a self-employed entrepreneur, our family's schedule is more diverse and demanding. To manage it all, I've found a calendar with six columns, allowing me to efficiently keep track of my work commitments, family events, and other essential appointments. It's become an indispensable tool for maintaining a balanced life during the holiday season.

As I prepare for my second Christmas as a mum and my first Christmas working for myself, I'm determined to make it a magical and unforgettable time for my family. Our traditions, early planning, thoughtful gift-giving, and organisation are key elements in ensuring that this holiday season is one filled with joy, love, and cherished memories. The excitement is building, and I can't wait to see my daughter's face light up with wonder on Christmas morning. Here's to a wonderful holiday season ahead!

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