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I am delighted to write this testimonial for Poppy, who was a valued member of our team at Mishergas Ltd for over six years. During her time working with us, Poppy gained much experience in sustainable business and industry and proved to be a great asset to our team. She stayed up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the field, and her acquired expertise was always helpful.


Poppy was involved in many aspects of the Renewable Energy business, and her contribution ensured that our development operation ran smoothly. She was responsible for arranging travel and meetings, handling contracts, updating our website, preparing reports and promotional material, and sometimes also liaising with suppliers and clients. Her attention to detail and dedication to her work were remarkable, and she  went above and beyond to ensure that tasks were completed efficiently.

Overall, Poppy was a pleasure to work with, and her positive attitude, strong work ethic, and commitment to excellence were evident in everything she did.

I highly recommend Poppy to anyone looking for a dedicated and talented professional who will contribute significantly to their organisation.

Dan Templar CEO Mishergas Ltd

Poppy was such a great help for setting up my new domain,  email address and website. I was getting very confused and going round in circles. Then she appeared, like a business version of Mary Poppins, and calmly and efficiently got it all sorted. Highly recommended!

Vicki, Gaia's Garden 

Poppy's help and support has given me such a leg up with starting my own business. Particularly when it comes to social media management. Poppy has an eye for detail and was able to make simple suggestions for ways to keep my accounts aesthetically pleasing while being able to continue this myself. Poppy supported me with an initial content posting plan to optimise account interaction which has been hugely helpful. Poppy has been incredibly responsive to any queries I have thrown her way and has always been able to come up with supportive solutions. She has also been able to guide me in setting up new software I was unfamiliar with and has just made the whole process of working 'independently' so much less stressful and more clear cut.

-Rosie @tinytalk_somerset

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